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Common Questions Related to Turkish Worker Visa Extension

New applications for Turkish Worker visa have now closed. However, if you already have a visa to stay in the UK as a Turkish Worker you can apply to extend your visa.  

The following are the main requirements to apply for Turkish Worker Visa extension:

  •  You can only extend your Turkish Worker visa if you are in the UK. You must apply your extension before your current Turkish Worker visa expires.  
  • You must have been employed for at least 3 years with the same employer or you have been employed for minimum 4 years and including at least 3 years with the same employer. 
  • You need to show that you will continue to be working in the UK for the period you request.

First of all, you need to provide evidence that you have been working in the UK for minimum 3 years with the same employer. You need to provide the following evidence to meet this requirement: 

  • Payslips  
  • Employment contract (s) 
  • P60s 
  • A letter from your employer  

You also need to provide evidence to show that you are currently working and you will continue to work.  For that you need to provide a valid employment contract, bank statements showing regular payments of wages/salaries and a letter from your employer mentioning that they will continue employing you.  

You will usually get a decision for your extension of your Turkish Worker visa within 6 months. 

There are no Home Office and Immigration Health Surcharge fees to extend your Turkish Worker visa.  

You may apply to Indefinite Leave to Remain after completing 5 years in the UK. You will have the right to live, work and study in the UK once you have Indefinite Leave to Remain.

You can include your spouse and children in your Turkish Worker visa extension if they are already in the UK and were granted a visa as a dependent of you before 31 December 2020. The following requirements should be met:  


  • You are married and your marriage is continuing 
  • You intend to live together 
  • There is an adequate accommodation provided by you for your spouse/partner  

If your partner/spouse has not been granted a visa as a dependent of you before 31 December 2020, they have no right to make application as a dependent of Turkish Worker visa. Appendix FM Immigration Rules will then apply to them and they need to make a spouse visa application after meeting the requirements. To examine the requirements for spouse visa check our page for spouse visa.

Yes, you may bring your partner under spouse visa. However, you should be aware that spouse visa has many requirements. Please check our questions and answers for spouse visa.

Common Questions Related to Indefinite Leave to Remain for Turkish Worker/Businessperson Visa Holders

You can apply for indefinite leave to remain if you are in the UK for 5 years on a Turkish Worker visa or Turkish Businessperson visa.   

Your family members can also apply for indefinite leave to remain if they meet the requirements.  

  • First of all, you must still be eligible for the requirements of Turkish Worker or Turkish Businessperson.  
  • You must meet English language requirements and pass the Life in the UK test. 
  •  You had been living and working in the UK for the last 5 years. During this time, you should not have received public funds.  
  • You must spend no more than 180 days outside of the UK in any 12 months in the last 5 years

The Home Office fee is £2,404 for each person. You will usually have a decision within 6 months.


While your application is processing, you must not travel outside of the UK. Otherwise, your application will be withdrawn.  

Your partner and children can apply to indefinite leave to remain if they meet the requirements. Your children under 21 or in some circumstances over 21 can apply to indefinite leave to remain.  


If your partner does not meet the requirements, they may apply to extend their visa. The Home Office fee is £1,048. The Immigration Health Surcharge is £624 per year.  

You will usually get the Home Office decision within 6 months. If your case is complex (e.g. your documents need to be verified, you have a criminal conviction or you are asked attend an interview) the decision may take longer than 6 months.  

How can we help and how much is our fee?

Supporting documents for your application can be complex for the success of the application.   The Home Office and Immigration Health Surcharge fees can be relatively expensive.  It is therefore advisable to have an immigration lawyer to ensure your application is fully complete and accurate with all the supporting documents to avoid visa refusal or delay in getting your visa. Contact us at  02475233888 or 07879927501   or book a free 15 minutes meeting to speak with one of our immigration lawyers about your application.  Our company is regulated by OISC


Our immigration lawyer has long experience and will let you know what information is needed and what documents to be included. You may need to prepare documents ahead of submitting your application. Our fee depends on your case and will be mentioned after the lawyer assess your eligibility. This will be mentioned during the free session.

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Our Services

 Once you agree to take our service we will:

  • arrange a follow-up meeting after the free meeting to discuss more details and to analyse your case.
  • send you a client care letter that includes all the information and support documents that you need to be prepare and upload to our share point.
  • check all the information you shared and let you know if anything is missing or if more support documents are needed.
  • complete the application on your behalf and share.
  • write a detailed letter of representation to support your application that will be submitted with the application
  • book an appointment (if applicable) to provide your biometrics (digital photo, and fingerprints)
  • follow up with the Home office and provide you with regular updates.
  • close your case once your BRP is received, we will advise you with all the documents needed for the next stage. 
  • keep your information and document confidential and will not be shared with a third party
  • return the original documents once the case is closed.