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Our professional immigration lawyers are committed to delivering an outstanding immigration services to their client in the UK and abroad. SA Law Practice Ltd. has been established in 2019 by Sema Abdelfatah who has gained wide experience practising law and UK immigration service in different companies and charity organizations in the UK and also abroad providing outstanding immigration services. She helped many migrants to settle in the UK. Having seen various cases and different circumstances was the reason to establish SA Law Practice to provide a unique excellent service that puts above all the client circumstances. Having excellent client care is our main aim of SA law practice Ltd.  We will make sure all our staff who are in or will join the company are well trained and up to date with the changes in the regulations to provide our outstanding immigration services. You can find our office very close to Coventry City Centre. Our staff looks forward to working with you and providing excellent immigration service to have your visa or immigration status sorted with a happy end for all.

Our Commitment to Outstanding Immigration Service

Our outstanding immigration services are regulated by OISC. We are committed to our client to providing the best practice for outstanding UK immigration service that include:

outstanding immigration services
Sema Abdelfatah- Company Director
Our Mission

Build a professional and sustainable relationship that leads to growing network with trust and respect.

Our Values

Everyone deserves dignity and quality of life. We will strive to go above and beyond for our clients to provide quality and service with no matter the challenge.

We want to see a smile on the client’s face.

“We did not choose where to born but we can choose where to live”

Our company is registered with and regulated by the Office of The Immigration Service Commissioner (OISC). Let us work closely with you to help with issues related to immigration and to provide you with the progress of your case on a regular basis. There are various routes for immigration so why not schedule your free 15 minutes consultation online through MS Team, WhatsApp, or in our office in Coventry.